Monday, August 25, 2008

Our California Trip

Our vacation to Disneyland/California Adventures & Newport Beach was so much fun. Macey cannot decide if she liked the theme park or the beach better. Our favorites were: Steve = Space Mountain, Kendra = Tower of Terror, Macey = Matterhorn. We spent 2 twelve hour days at Disneyland and California Adventures and man were we tired. So, of course the 3rd day was just laying on the beach (resting our feet). We took Macey out pretty deep in the ocean with us to jump and ride the waves - She thought it was the best thing in the world and we could not have wiped the smile off her face! Steve buried her in the sand, which was also a big hit of the day for her!

I was so proud of myself because my two biggest fears are; 1) Ferris Wheels 2) Free Falls, and I rode both! I faced my fears and rode the HUGE ferris wheel that has the swinging carts (OH MY, I was in a panic when we got to the top and did not stop swinging back and forth) and then proceeded to ride the Tower of Terror. I would not get back on the ferris wheel again, but did jump right back on the Tower of Terror - IT WAS GREAT!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bring Your Family To Work Day!

Discover hosted a bring your family to work day on Friday. Steve was excited to see if it all looked the same, since he left Discover 6 years ago!!! They had a huge carnival with games, food, etc. I got my shot at the money machine and Macey ended up with $145 to spend on prizes. She got some cool stuff. All that aside, her favorite thing was sitting at my desk pretending to work! She thought the coolest thing was that I had tape at my desk... It's the little things in life!!!