Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bring Your Family To Work Day!

Discover hosted a bring your family to work day on Friday. Steve was excited to see if it all looked the same, since he left Discover 6 years ago!!! They had a huge carnival with games, food, etc. I got my shot at the money machine and Macey ended up with $145 to spend on prizes. She got some cool stuff. All that aside, her favorite thing was sitting at my desk pretending to work! She thought the coolest thing was that I had tape at my desk... It's the little things in life!!!


womeninart said...

How fun! Our kids love to go to Heather's office too. They think all of the office supplies are so much fun to play with. Do you remember when we lived in the Patey house and Dad would bring home old and used office supplies from Kalt and we had an "office in that little room under the stairs? I guess a love for stationary runs in the family!

comkj said...

OK, "womeninart" is NOT my username! I guess Heather was logged in on my computer. Anyway, that was me who commented.


Lyndsay said...

Of course you won $145 for Macey to spend- you have to be the luckiest girl I know- always winning something!! I need to go to Vegas with you! Macey looks like she knows just what to do. She's all grown up. Did she and Nanny like Kung Fu Panda the other day?